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Stefan Crisp

Stefan Crisp is a Business Development Manager for ERP vendor Pronto Software. @stefan_crisp

Website URL: http://www.pronto.com.au

Post 12 May 2015 Published in Blogs Tagged under cebit award ict kevin mitnick top business solution

CeBIT Australia 2015 is now over, but what a great event to be part of. Spread over three days at Sydney’s Olympic Park, a diverse mix of technologies and innovations were on show from robots that could play football, smart drones that could fly automated using GPS and geospatial data, through to 3D printers, low-powered LED lighting and a showcase of the latest Tesla Model S electric car that everyone was eager to get a seat in – and catch a selfie!

For all us geeks at heart, there really was plenty of cool stuff for us to get our hands on!

Post 22 April 2015 Published in Blogs Tagged under analytics business intelligence bi cognos big data Reporting Data Warehouse

Traditionally data warehouses do not contain today's data.

They are usually loaded with data via an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process from operational systems on a periodic basis, often nightly, but sometimes even weekly. In any case, they are a window on the past.

With the ever-growing pace of business today, are these history-based analytical data sources providing the right insights when they are most needed?

Post 20 March 2015 Published in Blogs Tagged under cloud bi big data intelligence Watson Analytics Gartner Internet of Things Inmemory

I had the opportunity to attend the Gartner Business Intelligence Summit last month in Sydney. The two day event offered a great insight into the challenges that many Australian businesses face on their path to BI fulfilment. There were lots of roundtables, 1:1 meetings, presentations and networking opportunities to talk with others about things we can all do to get better adoption, utilisation and benefits from the tools that many of us have invested a lot of money in. It was a great event – and one that I’d recommend you check out next year.

Post 02 September 2014 Published in Blogs Tagged under erp business intelligence bi strategy

I’ve found that organisations often overestimate the ease of rolling out a successful Business Intelligence program. Recognising the breadth of impact it will have on their organisation can sometimes be overlooked. There is often a lot of time spent determining the right BI technology, but once deployed, many believe the rest will take care of itself. In truth, the technology itself is often the easiest decision. Without due consideration for your people, processes and organisational culture, you might not achieve the outcomes you hoped for – or pitched to your company directors to get the budget approved!

Post 24 February 2014 Published in Blogs

Self-service Business Intelligence (BI) is one of the latest trends that’s being promoted by most BI vendors. Put simply, it serves to deliver corporate information to all users within an organisation without the IT department’s involvement (or at least as little as is practical). Its goal is to get information in the hands of anyone who needs to make a data-driven decision, whether it be tactical or strategic in nature.

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