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David Jackman

David Jackman was the Managing Director for ERP vendor Pronto Software.

Website URL: http://www.pronto.net

Post 29 August 2014 Published in Blogs Tagged under erp bi integration future trends

Are you having trouble understanding how Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can be utilised in your business?

In recent years the transformation of ERP has been dynamic, and now with it heavily linked to Business Intelligence (BI), it is being applied to business operations in more ways than ever before. No longer just an enabler of back-end functionality, today ERP solutions are delivering productivity gains through automation, real-time visibility into the business, assisting third party integration, increasing transparency into operations, and mobile access anywhere.

Post 29 July 2014 Published in Blogs Tagged under cloud erp mobile data

As we move into the second half of 2014, storing information in the cloud is nothing new. Yet businesses should ensure its cloud solution is cutting edge to differentiate from their competitors.

Post 11 July 2012 Published in Blogs Tagged under bi census

Data collection and interpretation is what helps us understand where we have been, and where we are today as a country. Understanding data and the statistics that define our nation, community or industry is what drives many of our decisions for the future.

In 2012, with the advent of improved technology to process, formulate and present data more quickly and easily than ever before, perhaps at no other time in history has the population of Australia had access to the detailed level of information that has recently been made available through the Australian Bureau Statistics (ABS) website.

Post 18 June 2012 Published in Blogs Tagged under erp retail business intelligence nike

Pronto recently announced that we were working with Nike Australia retail partner, Retail Prodigy Group.

Retail Prodigy Group holds the master franchise agreement with Nike in Australia and has established three Nike flagships brand stores in this country since July 2011. The company also has ambitions to grow its Australian footprint further – pun intended – to meet growing demand for the great products Nike sells.

Post 21 May 2012 Published in Blogs Tagged under erp branding logos

What is it that makes a brand’s positioning effective? Is it a quirky logo? Creative tone? Clever marketing? Well, many would argue you need all of these in a holistic approach to be successful.

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