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Post 08 March 2016 Published in Blogs Tagged under business intelligence bi it womens day

Philippa Winram, Business Intelligence Manager at Pronto Software, has been with the company for 18 years and loves working at Pronto. In celebration of International Women’s Day this week, Philippa shares her top tips for women working in IT.

You can have it all
When I started working at Pronto Software 18 years ago, I had a young family and the company was very supportive of me as a working mother. I found that you can have a family and a successful career but you need to get organised and have a very disciplined life and a disciplined house. My husband and I were very focused on our careers and having a disciplined house did not hurt our three children.

I was a better mother because I was working as it forced me to make decisions faster. As I was so busy I didn’t have time to ‘sweat the small stuff’ and I believe that attitude helped my children to succeed in life. My children look back now and say to me, how did you do it mum? At the time it seems like everything is happening all at once, and you need to accept that and deal with it as it comes.

Post 02 April 2013 Published in Blogs Tagged under database erp informix

Last week, Research and Development (R&D) Manager at Pronto Software, Chad Gates, took part in the launch of IBM Informix 12.1. This latest version of IBM Informix is an exciting development for IBM as it introduces powerful functionality to the widely respected Informix suite of solutions. Below is a view into Chad’s thoughts on the latest features available in Informix.

Post 05 December 2012 Published in Blogs Tagged under retail wholesale

Australia’s largest paint specialist group of stores, Inspirations Paint, has selected Pronto Software to provide enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI) services to 100 of its retail stores nationwide.

The competitive tender saw Pronto Software beat out Microsoft Dynamics to deploy its flagship solution Pronto Xi Dimensions, across the Company’s franchise stores and national office.

Inspirations Paint chose to deploy Pronto Xi modules to integrate Financials, Distribution, Inventory, CRM and Point of Sale operations across the business.

Post 13 November 2012 Published in Blogs Tagged under cloud erp

For medium sized businesses contemplating making the move into the cloud, many questions rear their ugly heads and the answers at first glance may not seem entirely clear. However, a chat with Paul Goepfert from Pronto Software provides an excellent opportunity to answer the most pressing questions.

Post 09 October 2012 Published in Blogs Tagged under rent leasing asset

Let’s face it the days of owning your own house with the white picket fence, all the furniture inside and a car, mortgage and debt free, are rapidly disappearing.

Likewise businesses that paid cash for most of their assets, from buildings to machinery, are becoming a distant memory.

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