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Bruce Minty

Bruce Minty is the Supply Chain and Manufacturing Product Manager for ERP vendor Pronto Software.

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Post 20 July 2016 Published in Blogs Tagged under undefined

When it comes to assessing technology needs in business the term ‘future-proofing’ continues to lead conversations. This is especially true within the services sector where factors such as resource utilisation and service delivery are critical to growth and at times rely on integrated solutions accessing real time data to achieve them. 

Post 14 July 2015 Published in Blogs Tagged under pronto undefined collaboration Pronto Xi

Let’s take a look at a few innovations that project managers can explore to help manage their projects whilst enhancing user experience and most importantly, providing better value to their customers.   

Post 16 April 2015 Published in Blogs Tagged under manufacturing big data 3D mobility Robotics SaaS

Technology is transforming the manufacturing sector. According to GE Capital's latest Mid-Market Report, technology is a $78.8 billion industry in Australia.

Manufacturing makes up roughly 40 per cent, or $31.2 billion of that figure. What this indicates is that manufacturers are increasingly embracing technology.

With this in mind, let's take a look at five of the key technology trends influencing the Australian manufacturing landscape.

Post 06 March 2015 Published in Blogs Tagged under technology mobility service optimisation first time fix rate

As growing service organisations meticulously weigh up the value of introducing new technologies into their business how can they be really sure that the solution fits with the strategy and vision for the long term? It’s relatively easy to propose process improvement based on today’s model, but how many businesses are able to look into the crystal ball and visualise how service delivery will transform in the future, and confidently plan a technology strategy to address what hasn’t yet happened? 

Post 30 July 2014 Published in Blogs Tagged under erp analytics big data mobility service web app

With mobile apps becoming so intrinsic and ubiquitous, we as consumers have become the greatest critics on app user experience and useability. Sparse design, no visual clutter, minimal colour palette, crisp typography and clear navigation have all become design attributes we now expect in apps designed for individuals, and from a commercial aspect, service organisations. So now in the field services sector the demand for slick, easy to use mobile apps is growing and so too is their purpose and role with regards to the collection of data.

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