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Chad Gates is the Managing Director for ERP vendor Pronto Software. @ChadinaBox

Website URL: http://https://www.pronto.net

Post 23 December 2016 Published in Blogs Tagged under cloud data draas disaster recovery backup

Data has increasingly become the lifeblood for understanding customers, optimising business processes and identifying growth opportunities. This is particularly true for those businesses with a strong online presence. For them, data is the business.

Post 01 December 2016 Published in Blogs Tagged under retail crm data loyalty christmas

The Australian retail sector is expecting a bumper Christmas spending period this year with the National Retail Association (NRA) releasing its pre-Christmas and Boxing day trade projections that show Australians are expected to spend more than a billion dollars a day during the busiest trading period of the year.

This is great news for retailers who often rely on this busy time to boost sales, but in order to capture the attention of a (quite literally) crowded marketplace during the noisiest retail period of the year, retailers need to be savvy about consumer engagement.

Post 01 December 2016 Published in Blogs Tagged under supply chain efficiency

Organisations and consumers currently co-exist in a landscape where the customer is truly king. Consumers' bargaining power and demands are exponentially growing, and businesses are seeking to adapt their supply chains to maintain a competitive edge.

New technology is allowing organisations to make their supply chains more efficient, creating exceptional customer service environments with faster delivery times, minimising costs, improving customer satisfaction, stimulating profit margins and allowing better inventory visibility.

Having an optimised supply chain will also streamline internal operations with organisations gaining more intuitive overviews of their operations. Not only are they better able to make informed and instant decisions, companies now have a clearer understanding of daily operations, and are able to make improvements to identified issues.

Post 18 November 2015 Published in Blogs Tagged under erp business intelligence technology disruption CEO digital growth productivity risks

One of the most important roles for chief executives is treading a line between actively pursuing growth and managing risks.

In partnership with The CEO Institute, Pronto Software interviewed 118 CEOs from companies and industries across Australia to uncover the top 5 CEO concerns.

The full report is available at www.pronto.net/ceoinsights but here are the key highlights.

Post 21 August 2015 Published in Blogs Tagged under erp business intelligence technology big data

The growing abundance of new technologies available to businesses is allowing smaller players to disrupt the established market leaders.

So, how are Australian businesses investing in technology to give them an edge in local and global markets? I explore the weapons available to smaller businesses through business intelligence and data.

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