It wasn’t that long ago that asking someone what social media was elicited the response “it’s for people who want to share what they were having for breakfast”. Much has changed since then and with the proliferation of smart devices, high speed communications and digital marketing social media has developed into a powerful communication platform, feedback mechanism and industry insight tool for businesses. With more companies promoting themselves via social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and SlideShare it’s timely that we look at where social might be beneficial within our supply chain organisations.  

What will 2015 bring for retailers? Will it be the continued rise of the ‘Connected Customer’, or fully realised omni-channel platforms? Speaking to a number of retailers throughout the last year there were a number of areas where they felt impact. For example...

Advancements in technology and business management software has truly revolutionised retailing. Software with the capability to provide retailers with customer insights and data has never been so cost effective for the smaller players, offering retailers today the opportunity to improve sales and customer service in innovative ways. 

For a number of years there’s been a trend in retail that’s enabled customers to access product and pricing information easier while providing them with increased purchasing options. Primarily as a result of the digital age and introduction of personal devices such as smartphones, customers have never been more informed and connected to data.

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