For most businesses fixed asset are those items such as vehicles, computer hardware and other such tangible assets. Many of these assets are seen as the tools used to drive the everyday operations of the business. What about those intangible assets that are created as a by-product of these such as data.

You just bought a new ERP system and have already considered the value of an internal change agent to drive your project and the benefits of limiting customisations, now it’s time to think about continuous improvements. It is all too common to see companies implement the core features that they need and stop there; just happy that they got over the disruption that the software implementation brought to their business. I believe in continuous improvements to maximise the benefits you get from your ERP. 

You just bought a new ERP system and I hope that my previous blog convinced you of the value of an internal change agent to drive your project. A frequent issue I encountered in my consulting and implementation days was the urge to bend, twist and customise the software to match exactly how the business works today. Isn't each business unique? Surely we can't have software that fits hundreds if not thousands of businesses?

You just bought a new ERP system - or BI solution for that matter. You did your homework, selected the right vendor, paid for licenses or subscribed to a monthly fee, and you can't wait for the promised benefits and return on investment.

There are many posts - including mine - about things to know when shopping for an ERP solution. It is generally a good decision to equip your organisation with software to manage and integrate your diverse business processes from Financials to Operations, to Analytics.

But choosing and buying the solution, whichever the vendor, was the easy bit and now here is my first tip for the morning after you’ve signed up.

After 30 years in the ERP industry, one starts to get a good grasp of what goes into a successful ERP implementation and the pitfalls to avoid. I’ve pulled together some tips that CEOs should consider before embarking on an ERP project. If you can avoid these top five common mistakes, you’d know that your project is off to a good start.

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