We are pleased to announce Pronto Software took out the BRW GE Mid-Market Momentum Award for best mid-market business ($50-$100 million revenue) last night!  

From sales per hour to basket size and gross profit there’s a mountain of transactional data that our IT systems will be capturing for analytical purposes. But what about the non-transactional aspects of our retail environment. Is it here that we might find some real gold when analysing our mountain of data?

With the pace of change in the technology, it can be tricky talking about the concept of future-proofing your IT investment. However, considering a few key areas can help companies protect and maximise the value of their IT investment, particularly in the climate of tight budgets and scarce resources.

Like the environment the retail economy appears to be changing in a number of ways. From parallel imports to overseas brands.... 

Yes this is a clean article; it’s safe to read on. While shopping in Sydney city on the weekend I walked by the Apple store and what struck me was how long I was lingering outside, looking at what people were doing inside the store. This was a retail fishbowl!

In there we a number of people sitting against the window doing emails, presumably using the free WIFI, there are people getting what appeared to be free instructions and other testing the latest products. They all looked like they had a purpose or at least wanted to appear purposeful.

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