It seems like ages ago we were speaking of online shopping as ‘latest and greatest’, ‘the new face of retail’ and ‘a revolution in shopping’. So now we’re at the end of 2012, what is the market saying to us?

For a lot of businesses, an item that has a negative balance for quantity on hand is normal. It represents a situation where they are playing catch up with their information. For example they send stock out the door as soon as it arrives, before they tell their system that it arrived. Eventually, you would hope that all the information is entered and the balance eventually reflects something realistic.

For medium sized businesses contemplating making the move into the cloud, many questions rear their ugly heads and the answers at first glance may not seem entirely clear. However, a chat with Paul Goepfert from Pronto Software provides an excellent opportunity to answer the most pressing questions.

2012 will long be remembered in Australia as the year of the carbon tax.*

With the introduction of Government carbon pricing policy, the spotlight is now firmly placed on how private and public sectors monitor and manage carbon outputs.

Whether it’s a basic recording of fuel consumption across a fleet of cars, or a complex carbon tracking system deployed across a range of operations, the way companies manage their carbon footprint is varied and diverse.

We often get enquiries asking if we know about various changes in legislation that may impact Pronto Xi and/or our customers. Chances are that we do already know of upcoming changes but please continue to ask the question (Just in case we aren’t perfect). So how does Pronto Software stay informed of upcoming changes?

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