From sales per hour to basket size and gross profit there’s a mountain of transactional data that our IT systems will be capturing for analytical purposes. But what about the non-transactional aspects of our retail environment. Is it here that we might find some real gold when analysing our mountain of data?

These two retailers have a long history and are recognised by Sydneysiders as premier downtown shopping destinations. Now with an Omni-Channel presence their business is adapting to the changing environment and are even exporting home grown goods worldwide.

In part two of this article we looked at three components worth consideration when creating or managing a mobile strategy. These included digital advertising, incorporating traditional email and digital loyalty.

In this third and final part we focus on another three surrounding customer service, digital payments and mobile platforms

Near Field Communication (NFC) health check

As with many innovations hyped as being the latest revolution in technology, there is often a reality gorge between the marketing and mainstream adoption. Take for example what’s been said over the last few years about Quick Response (QR Codes) as a game changer for marketing.

It might seem obvious that customer service should be paramount and attracting loyal customer’s part of our DNA but formatting our business to achieve this can be a colossal challenge.

Your latest marketing weapon is to turn your satisfied clientele into ‘Brand Advocates’.

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