Could 2014 be a watershed year for technology in retail? Following is a list of the 10 latest trends that are set to impact retailers in 2014 as they look to enhance their operations through technology. 

For the past few years there has been much discussions around how mobility will impact retail and the customer experience. So will 2014 be the watershed year where technology enablement and customer experience are finally in harmony? 

With 2013 now behind us and customer sentiment sitting at its highest for years, we look forward to 2014 and the key focus areas for retail supply chains.

With the Christmas frenzy behind us and positive revenue figure starting to emerge for both online and bricks and mortar retailers, we look towards 2014 and some of the evolving Omni-channel initiatives.

With 2013 almost behind us and the Christmas retail trade predicated to be the highest post GFC, we look back in this two part article we look back at on some of the retail predictions.

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