Given the supply chain is the backbone of many businesses, there’s never a bad time to do a quick health check. Many touch points are obvious but often considered too complex for a simple fix. Regardless of what state we believe we’re in, it makes sense to place the magnifying glass on our businesses to form an honest perspective of how we perceive ourselves and how other might perceive us.

You will find that the one thing that everyone agrees with in any kind of project is to have a consistent methodology.

If you have an easily understood and repeatable methodology then you increase the likelihood that project success can be repeated. That is not to say that the methodology must be a set of rigid and minutely defined steps. There still needs to be flexibility to adapt to environment, resources, timeframe and the nature of the project. For example a project to implement an entirely new ERP will differ from a project to change the way inventory is valued. The methodology must be scalable, flexible and adaptable.

Here are five stages worth looking at if you would like your next implementation delivered on-time, on-budget and on-expectations.

Australia’s largest paint specialist group of stores, Inspirations Paint, has selected Pronto Software to provide enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI) services to 100 of its retail stores nationwide.

The competitive tender saw Pronto Software beat out Microsoft Dynamics to deploy its flagship solution Pronto Xi Dimensions, across the Company’s franchise stores and national office.

Inspirations Paint chose to deploy Pronto Xi modules to integrate Financials, Distribution, Inventory, CRM and Point of Sale operations across the business.

Big Data seems to be one of the latest buzzword to appear in the ITC dialog. I still wonder if most of us understand its meaning or impact.

It appears that various groups believe they have a handle on it the Big Data phenomenon. The interesting thing is that if you comb the internet you’ll see the term being sponsored by companies such as NetApp, EMC and IBM as vendors that manage big or large amounts of data. I wonder if this means that these companies are positioning themselves to capitalise on this slice of the pie or are they still trying to ascertain what it really means in a commercial sense before it’s more widely adopted by the market.

Like a lot of accounting standards the valuation of stock on hand is subject to some flexible rules. There is no single method that is universally applicable, and businesses usually decide on a method that suits the nature of their business, the nature of the market and the nature of the items themselves.

When bringing items in from overseas factors that you need to consider are when to apply the exchange rate for goods purchased in a foreign currency, and where to get the exchange rate from.

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