By Stephen Duncan 29 October 2014 Blogs

Advancements in technology and business management software has truly revolutionised retailing. Software with the capability to provide retailers with customer insights and data has never been so cost effective for the smaller players, offering retailers today the opportunity to improve sales and customer service in innovative ways. 

By Stephen Duncan 16 October 2014 Blogs

For a number of years there’s been a trend in retail that’s enabled customers to access product and pricing information easier while providing them with increased purchasing options. Primarily as a result of the digital age and introduction of personal devices such as smartphones, customers have never been more informed and connected to data.

By Stephen Duncan 05 September 2014 Blogs

So you’ve been running a successful business or in the throes of expanding one and this has brought you to the point where you need to consider investing in new business software or reconsider your current solution. Not to raise the alarm but......

By Stefan Crisp 02 September 2014 Blogs

I’ve found that organisations often overestimate the ease of rolling out a successful Business Intelligence program. Recognising the breadth of impact it will have on their organisation can sometimes be overlooked. There is often a lot of time spent determining the right BI technology, but once deployed, many believe the rest will take care of itself. In truth, the technology itself is often the easiest decision. Without due consideration for your people, processes and organisational culture, you might not achieve the outcomes you hoped for – or pitched to your company directors to get the budget approved!

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