By Stephen Duncan 05 September 2014 Blogs

So you’ve been running a successful business or in the throes of expanding one and this has brought you to the point where you need to consider investing in new business software or reconsider your current solution. Not to raise the alarm but......

By Stefan Crisp 02 September 2014 Blogs

I’ve found that organisations often overestimate the ease of rolling out a successful Business Intelligence program. Recognising the breadth of impact it will have on their organisation can sometimes be overlooked. There is often a lot of time spent determining the right BI technology, but once deployed, many believe the rest will take care of itself. In truth, the technology itself is often the easiest decision. Without due consideration for your people, processes and organisational culture, you might not achieve the outcomes you hoped for – or pitched to your company directors to get the budget approved!

By David Jackman 29 August 2014 Blogs

Are you having trouble understanding how Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can be utilised in your business?

In recent years the transformation of ERP has been dynamic, and now with it heavily linked to Business Intelligence (BI), it is being applied to business operations in more ways than ever before. No longer just an enabler of back-end functionality, today ERP solutions are delivering productivity gains through automation, real-time visibility into the business, assisting third party integration, increasing transparency into operations, and mobile access anywhere.

By Stephen Duncan 20 August 2014 Blogs

Providing customer service has been around since people started doing business together. The challenge for retailers in the Omni-channel digital age is evolving at the speed of the customer.

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