By Paul Goepfert 18 July 2014 Blogs

This week saw Australia become the first country in the world to end its carbon pricing policy.

The uncertainty around the carbon tax has clouded businesses so it is good news that there is now some clarity and companies can start to formulate their plan and response.

By Stephen Duncan 01 July 2014 Blogs

For retailers, there’s a quite storm known as Omni-channel that’s highlighting the importance, understanding and appreciation for the science of supply chains and logistics.

By Paul Goepfert 18 June 2014 Blogs

While 3D printers have been around for a long time, it is only recently that this technology is becoming mainstream. An innovative new environment is created with the lower cost of 3D printers and the increased attention to the technology. This is an opportunity for Australian manufacturers to bounce back in a market that will be a multi-billion industry by 2020.

By Stephen Duncan 16 June 2014 Blogs

Buildings consume approximately 40 percent of the world’s energy*. With the rising cost of energy many organisations been asking themselves; what is the future landscape?

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