By Bruce Minty 14 July 2015 Blogs

Let’s take a look at a few innovations that project managers can explore to help manage their projects whilst enhancing user experience and most importantly, providing better value to their customers.   

By Stefan Crisp 12 May 2015 Blogs

CeBIT Australia 2015 is now over, but what a great event to be part of. Spread over three days at Sydney’s Olympic Park, a diverse mix of technologies and innovations were on show from robots that could play football, smart drones that could fly automated using GPS and geospatial data, through to 3D printers, low-powered LED lighting and a showcase of the latest Tesla Model S electric car that everyone was eager to get a seat in – and catch a selfie!

For all us geeks at heart, there really was plenty of cool stuff for us to get our hands on!

By Stephen Duncan 27 April 2015 Blogs

When we think about the security requirements across our business we logically are drawn to our more tangible assets. For example our physical building, vehicles, computer hardware and of course our personnel. We take care to ensure we’ve put the necessary measures in place such as cameras and back to base alarm solutions to provide a secure framework that protects our assets from theft and vandalism. 

What about those intangible assets that are created as a by-product of assets such as computers (IT) or those data assets?

By Stefan Crisp 22 April 2015 Blogs

Traditionally data warehouses do not contain today's data.

They are usually loaded with data via an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process from operational systems on a periodic basis, often nightly, but sometimes even weekly. In any case, they are a window on the past.

With the ever-growing pace of business today, are these history-based analytical data sources providing the right insights when they are most needed?

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