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Australia: the lucky country for innovation?

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Many people consider Australia “The Lucky Country” for its landscape, lifestyle and good fortune. During Australia Day, I took to reflecting on the positives and the challenges for businesses to succeed in this country.

In my experience at Pronto Software, I’ve learnt that Australian businesses need to be resilient in order to be successful. Industry booms come and go, economies fluctuate and the key to riding these waves is the ability to continually innovate. 

Australia has a great foundation for business success. Not only do we have fantastic universities driving inventive research and ideas to nurture young professionals, the business community also welcomes international talent. 

One of the things I love about working in Australia is the people. More than anywhere else in the world I’ve found Australians to possess a great ‘can-do’ attitude that results in outcome driven activity and a determined commitment to achieving these goals. 

It’s this kind of attitude that has fostered one of the greatest start-up communities in the world. Cities like Sydney and Melbourne have created a culture of courageous developments with the technology start-up scene booming in recent years. 

However, lately we have seen influential Australian technology start-ups, such as Atlassian, moving their businesses overseas. The main reason associated with these exits is that they are on the search for better regulatory incentives. It’s true that Australia can be an expensive place to do business in, but the potential to succeed can far outweigh this. 

Believing that technology businesses can’t grow and mature in Australia is a myth. Pronto Software is an example of a home-grown company that has a proud history of more than 30 years of operation in Australia, and it’s a combination of technology innovation, staff dedication and smart decision making that has contributed to this success. 

We would love to know how you find doing business in Australia. What are some of the challenges and benefits you face? Please share your stories in the comments below.

Paul Goepfert

Paul Goepfert

Paul Goepfert is the Marketing Manager for ERP vendor Pronto Software. @PaulGoepfert

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