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Logistics gets its groove on

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For retailers, there’s a quite storm known as Omni-channel that’s highlighting the importance, understanding and appreciation for the science of supply chains and logistics.

No longer are discussions around warehouse structures, transport mechanisms or EDI reserved only for the truly passionate and responsible for these requirements. 

For retailers and their customers providing integrated, flexible and rapid logistics solutions across all shopping platforms has become critical to forwarding thinking enterprises. So important that these conversations are driving decision making for more holistic projects as they continue to become front and centre to future retail success.   

Omni-channel is set to drive the importance and flexibility of logistics. Where previously customer orders were taken via a single channel with supply chain fulfilment something that happen behind the scenes. Now it’s tied to the customer experience with variables around delivery, pick up and service upfront in that experience. 

There are a number of elements that can assist retailers in their endeavours including; 

•Having real time visibility across the business channels of inventory, merchandising and fulfilment requirements are all tied to the supply chain. 

•Integrated platforms such as ERP software solutions are on the rise again as they provide businesses with the building blocks necessary in one controlled environment. 

•Intelligent reporting and real time analytics is no longer a luxury. It now provides the necessary insights needed not only by stakeholders responsible for making strategic decisions, but to all levels of the business. 

Suffice it to say, the capabilities to support these and other Omni-channel initiatives is the new challenge facing retailers. In the future the competitive advantage will centre on those that tap into the consumer relationships and provide successful logistics functionality taking product to market efficiently, supporting flexibility of purchase, delivery, pick-up and after sales service all supported by an integrated supply chain backbone.

Omni-channel is amalgamating the needs of the customer across all channels, effectively taking the retail experience through the retail value chain from product promotion through to inventory management, procurement, merchandising and strategic planning. 

This is the future of Omni-channel as it’s no longer a discussion for the future. 

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Stephen Duncan

Stephen Duncan

Stephen Duncan is a Technology Retail Specialist.

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