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Delivering differentiation through use of the cloud

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As we move into the second half of 2014, storing information in the cloud is nothing new. Yet businesses should ensure its cloud solution is cutting edge to differentiate from their competitors.

The benefits of cloud are clearly being seen by businesses. IDC forecasts cloud spending, including cloud services and the technology to enable these services, will surge by 25 per cent in 2014. With such investment being made in cloud computing, companies must ensure their use of the platform provides differentiating functionality to secure competitive advantage, improve productivity, control costs, as well as promote adaptability and connectivity. 

There are a number of ways executives can achieve this differentiation:

Match specific applications with the right platform that’s best suited to running its operations more efficiently

Some businesses may have applications located in the cloud or on-premise. Look for software vendors that offer a platform-agnostic solution, ensuring different systems supported by different platforms can speak to one another and work seamlessly.

Draw on an adaptable solution that will generate exactly the right information needed to make important decisions

Say goodbye to the one-size-fits all solution, and look for technology vendors that customise their solution to fit the unique needs of your company. Partnerships with a dynamic solution that can adapt, allows your enterprise to push ahead. 

Have easily accessible information from wherever your are

The ability to access critical company data in real-time is essential to achieving success in this day and age. Find vendors with a mobile offering that allows your staff to stay connected. This will allow for better time management from staff and improved productivity across the board, no matter where staff are in the world.

Understand where your information will be stored and that you retain full ownership

When you’re talking to any software vendor, make sure you understand where your data will be stored. It’s wise to select a provider that stores your information in Australia to mitigate security concerns of an offshore model.

Ultimately, key to success is choosing a business management technology partner that’s just as focused on the success of your business as you are. Don’t settle for relationships with software vendors that can’t answer the tough questions. 


David Jackman

David Jackman

David Jackman was the Managing Director for ERP vendor Pronto Software.

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