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ERP and BI - forging your business into the future

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Are you having trouble understanding how Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can be utilised in your business?

In recent years the transformation of ERP has been dynamic, and now with it heavily linked to Business Intelligence (BI), it is being applied to business operations in more ways than ever before. No longer just an enabler of back-end functionality, today ERP solutions are delivering productivity gains through automation, real-time visibility into the business, assisting third party integration, increasing transparency into operations, and mobile access anywhere.

In this new generation of mobility, where people rely on their smartphones to check e-mail, news and social media, the future of ERP is becoming clear.

Staff are demanding their business applications and data sets are just as accessible. In fact, according to research conducted by IDC, 74 per cent of companies are increasing their spend on mobile application deployments, laying the groundwork for the way businesses interact with ERP and BI systems. Providing staff with instant access to critical information, no matter their location is a key focus for senior management today.

No longer does ERP exist on its own. Today, organisations rely on the insights gained through integration with BI. An integrated solution allows staff to be more efficient and accurate, eliminates the doubling up of tasks, which in turn drives more effective use of resources and overall business efficiency.

With the rise of mobility, and increasing business focus on cost saving, the future of ERP is dynamic and exciting. If you’re looking for a new business management solution, I urge you to select a partner that is committed to continually enhancing its technology to meet the needs of your business. Today, an intelligent ERP, BI and mobile enabled solution will allow you to drive your business into the future with greater competitive advantage.

David Jackman

David Jackman

David Jackman was the Managing Director for ERP vendor Pronto Software.

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