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In an age where there is more choice then ever and less clarity between form and function, how does one stand out from the crowd. This means that with plenty on offer only a few retailers seem to be penetrating through the noise.

One emerging technology that may assist in achieving that point of differentiation through generating interest and intrigue is the QR Code. In short a QR Code or Quick Response Code is a two-dimensional code designed to hold multiple pieces of data such as text or a URL. Companies for example can use a QR to provide contact details or a gateway to enter a competition.


Typically accessed via an application on a smartphone, QR codes become not only a convenient way to share information but offer a non-intrusive means to market to existing and potential customers.  In the digital age where data is captured, processed and extrapolated in a single threaded movement, this technology ticks all the boxes. For retailers there are a number of practical uses for the new codes including;

  • Promoting new products in traditional advertising
  • Used as ease of entry into a competition
  • Further technical detail about a product located in store
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Special offers only available in store
  • Point of store location reference

The codes are certainly not bleeding edge and have already been adopted by major corporations throughout the US and Asia to promote product and drive traffic to their websites. There’s even QR Codes being used at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum to provide further details about some of the exhibits. What is leading edge though is that this technology is simple, easy to adopt, looks fresh and doesn’t involve a team of tech heads to decipher.  Until recently the biggest stumbling block has been the access to applications to enable reading the codes. Thankfully this is no longer an issue with all operating platforms providing free apps.

The challenge is defining if your business can leverage this new technology to engage new and existing customers before it becomes passé and is an accepted mode of operation.

Pronto software has started to use QR codes for competitions and as a method to provide contact details and so far the experience has been quite encouraging.

Stephen Duncan

Stephen Duncan

Stephen Duncan is a Technology Retail Specialist.

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