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Census 2012 – the ultimate public BI tool?

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Data collection and interpretation is what helps us understand where we have been, and where we are today as a country. Understanding data and the statistics that define our nation, community or industry is what drives many of our decisions for the future.

In 2012, with the advent of improved technology to process, formulate and present data more quickly and easily than ever before, perhaps at no other time in history has the population of Australia had access to the detailed level of information that has recently been made available through the Australian Bureau Statistics (ABS) website.

On the ABS website, there is now a range of free digital tools for people to use in order to better understand and make use of Census data. These include DataPacks, Community Profiles, TableBuilders, and QuickStats – all designed to make data more accessible and easy to understand for all Australians.

For us working in the field of data, BI and ERP, it is great to see how the otherwise complex census data is being shared and delivered – giving users greater control over the type of data they would like to receive and how it is consumed.

This is certainly in line with the trend we are seeing in the business arena.

Many leading organisations have become shared spaces that foster collaboration based on a better organisation-wide understanding of business process and objectives – much of this, based on accessibility to relevant information and in real-time.

Rather than managers selectively distributing information, there is now a growing drive to empower entire teams to use their access to information and turning it into business improvements.

This approach fosters bottom-up innovation taking companies beyond the reactive, report-driven style operations to one that has the ability to proactively identify problems, areas for enhancements and take corrective action.

Is your organisation tapping into and sharing data? Do you have the right tools to help you decipher data that will guide you in your decision making?

David Jackman

David Jackman

David Jackman was the Managing Director for ERP vendor Pronto Software.

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