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Ride to work day - a personal perspective

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In short, it was not uneventful.

By leaving at 6:30 I reasoned that I would miss the majority of the rush hour “pre first coffee” traffic, arrive at work early and be able to leave early on the return journey.

Eventually I found the “Waverley rail trail”, which turned out to be 2 brief cycle tracks at each end with a big section of “you’re on your own” in the middle. This was not too bad since the road parts were very quiet. Other travellers on the trail all seemed to have bicycles that looked more expensive than our second car, and were decked out in fashion from the “Cadel Evans” range. I was riding a mountain bike and dressed in what I wash the car in.

The trail was the most uneventful section. I encountered a couple of rather well behaved dogs attached to some over excitable owners who freaked at the dogs as soon as they saw me. The only problem, if you could call it that, was the magpie that did a full on collision with my helmet, and then flew away screeching “Yeah, you better cycle!” in magpiese. Apart from a bit of a surprise, it was all good.

The road section was not too bad either. I did encounter a cement truck driver who seemed to be both psychic and psychotic. He foresaw my death and then felt obligated to fulfil the prophecy.

I was within sight of my goal when I hit a road bump, which resulted in something of a chain reaction. All of a sudden I was on the ground. Apparently, the bracket that holds my pannier bags had slipped down and hit the rubber of the back tyre. This proved more effective than the brakes fitted to the bike. As I was getting up a driver coming past was kind enough to beep his horn to alert me to the fact that I had fallen off. It’s these simple acts of kindness from strangers that shape our opinion of humanity.

Once I made it to the relative safety of work I proceeded to the hitherto unexperienced wonders of the office shower. As I stood there I wondered if the hot tap was not meant to be taken literally, but eventually it held up its promise.

As I now sit here I evaluate if it was worth it, and would I do it again. Even though I had not imagined that ride to work day would involve blood, I think I would do it again.

However, I will be talking to the organisers to see what idiot scheduled “Ride to work” day on the same date as “Ride bleeding home again” day.

Steven Hafey

Steven Hafey

Steven Hafey is a Technical Business Analyst for ERP vendor Pronto Software.

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  • Sue Coleman

    This is awesome. I should share some of my ride to work day or just ride to work in general stories with you. I will say though that you should be grateful for the fact that it is the first ride to work day in a few years that has not involved rain.......Ask Paul Jackson about flat tyres and falling off?

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