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Pronto Software joins IBM’s launch of Informix 12.1

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Last week, Research and Development (R&D) Manager at Pronto Software, Chad Gates, took part in the launch of IBM Informix 12.1. This latest version of IBM Informix is an exciting development for IBM as it introduces powerful functionality to the widely respected Informix suite of solutions. Below is a view into Chad’s thoughts on the latest features available in Informix.

 Chad Gates on Informix 12.1 and its meaning for ERP and Pronto Software Customers:

Pronto has been a proud business partner with IBM for the past twenty years, so I was honored to be asked to speak on behalf of Pronto Software, highlighting our experience with IBM’s latest Informix release and its role in enhancing our core ERP offering, Pronto Xi.  I spoke alongside Sally Hartnell, Informix Marketing lead, and John Miller, lead architect of the 12.1 release of IBM Informix.

Informix has evolved to become one of the best database products on the market.  It constantly leads the market on a range of fronts but ultimately, due to its simplicity, flexibility and power, as well as,lower computing costs to power online transaction processing (OLTP).

In our long-standing partnership with IBM, we have leveraged Informix and Cognos 10, Power Systems and Systems X products to enhance Pronto Xi.


What does Informix 12.1 mean for Pronto Xi?

In a nutshell, these powerful enhancements to IBM Informix 12.1 will enhance our own ERP software’s ability to simultaneously meet the demands of OLTP and OLAP (on line analytics processing) workloads in mission critical environments. From my perspective as an ERP Specialist, I was keen to weigh up the requirements from both OLTP and OLAP perspectives when looking at Informix 12.




Short Transactions

  - Relatively simple SQL

Longer Transactions

  - Complex SQL with analytics

Random Updates

  - Few Rows accessed

Sequential Scans and updates

  - Many Rows Accessed             

Sub-second response time

Secs to mins response time

ER Modeling

  - Minimizes redundancy

Dimensional Modeling

  - OK to have redundancy

Normalized data (5NF)

  - Minimizes duplicates

De-normalized data (3NF)

  - Duplicates are OK

Few indexes

  - Avoids index maintenance

OK to have more indexes

  - Mostly read only

Pre-compiled queries

  - Repeated execution of queries

Ad-hoc queries

  - Unpredictable load


Overall, Informix 12.1 represents IBM's ongoing investment, visionary thinking, and commitment to product quality that affirms our confidence to ship Informix as the solid foundation of our award-winning ERP software.

Take a look at this video for more information on IBM’s Informix 12.1. You can also watch a replay of the webcast by registering here.

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