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Progress in technology facilitates the disruption of established businesses by providing new and easier ways to add-value to customers. This level of disruption comes in waves; making the word "start-up" trendy for a while and reshaping the distribution of wealth. The current disruption wave is all about technology; think internet, mobile devices, big data, open source. 

The next wave is likely to include the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing and medical breakthroughs. This wave is going to change our lives and disrupt established businesses once more, regardless of their current size and reputation. 

Here is my take on how to start your innovation journey in 2016.

There’s something different about CeBIT Australia 2014. Sure it is a new venue, there is a conference, new products and flashy marketing. What really stands out for me is the number of start-ups. We had them in previous years, but never that many. Walking around and talking to people, I can’t stop feeling that it is a sign that a deep change is currently underway in IT.

Many people consider Australia “The Lucky Country” for its landscape, lifestyle and good fortune. During Australia Day, I took to reflecting on the positives and the challenges for businesses to succeed in this country.

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