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With some lessons learned and what appears to be a more positive start to January, here is a list of prediction for retail in 2013. Obviously it goes without saying that all things digital will be a major focus for the coming year. Social media, digital marketing, mobility and push customer specific promotions are probably already on our list of strategic considerations. These in many respects are at the core of the predictions. So that said;

Here are 10 predictions that will change the face of retail for 2013;

When it comes to choosing retail software is ‘best of breed’ really the best option? Sure if it was a perfect IT world then having the best option of anything would seem to be the obvious preference. The problem is it’s not that straight forward. There are so many touch points that must be taken into consideration on top of purely the applications. These include integration, implementation, training, future upgrades and support just to name a few.

As a customer, I have the preconceived expectation that if I purchase online, it will be cheaper than going in-store.  I suspect websites such as eBay and Deals Direct has contributed to building this perception by aggressively advertising discounted products.  In today’s blog, I challenge the theory that online should be cheaper than in-store and give 10 easy to follow tips on how to balance a traditional outlet shop vs. an online store.

I generate dozens of reports each month on how our clients websites are performing, but how should success truly be measured, by the number of visits or by the quality of the visits?

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