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Back in May of 2015, I published “When ERP projects go wrong” which was the 3rd in my ERP insights series. This was by far the most read of my posts, suggesting that it struck a chord with the Owners, Directors and CEO’s in the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) space I write for. Having identified what, I believe to be the common causes of the problem, logic suggests that I should now turn my attention to the recovery process.

Here’s a recap of the 5 common causes of a rogue ERP project.

  • Lack of clarity of the objective
  • Lack of ownership
  • Lack of proper resourcing
  • Scope creep
  • Ineffective change management

In defining your Implementation Project Recovery Plan, there are some basic steps that will help you get the outcome you need.

You will find that the one thing that everyone agrees with in any kind of project is to have a consistent methodology.

If you have an easily understood and repeatable methodology then you increase the likelihood that project success can be repeated. That is not to say that the methodology must be a set of rigid and minutely defined steps. There still needs to be flexibility to adapt to environment, resources, timeframe and the nature of the project. For example a project to implement an entirely new ERP will differ from a project to change the way inventory is valued. The methodology must be scalable, flexible and adaptable.

Here are five stages worth looking at if you would like your next implementation delivered on-time, on-budget and on-expectations.

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