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Steven Pullen

Steven Pullen is the Operations Manager for digital marketing company Strategic Partners Connected.

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Post 23 May 2012 Published in Blogs Tagged under cebit exhibitions stands

Bold, engaging and amazing; three words used to describe the range of stands designed by clever exhibitors at CeBIT 2012 in Australia.

Post 02 May 2012 Published in Blogs Tagged under ecommerce retail online shopping discounts

As a customer, I have the preconceived expectation that if I purchase online, it will be cheaper than going in-store.  I suspect websites such as eBay and Deals Direct has contributed to building this perception by aggressively advertising discounted products.  In today’s blog, I challenge the theory that online should be cheaper than in-store and give 10 easy to follow tips on how to balance a traditional outlet shop vs. an online store.

Post 22 January 2012 Published in Blogs Tagged under google search analytics keywords sales ecommerce retail

I generate dozens of reports each month on how our clients websites are performing, but how should success truly be measured, by the number of visits or by the quality of the visits?

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