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Paul Goepfert

Paul Goepfert is the Marketing Manager for ERP vendor Pronto Software. @PaulGoepfert

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Post 28 January 2014 Published in Blogs Tagged under technology Innovation Business Startup

Many people consider Australia “The Lucky Country” for its landscape, lifestyle and good fortune. During Australia Day, I took to reflecting on the positives and the challenges for businesses to succeed in this country.

Post 07 November 2013 Published in Blogs

This week I am attending the IBM Information on Demand Conference in Las Vegas. “Big data” are two words used everywhere: advertising signs, titles of sessions, on screen and in every sentence used by the presenters. It sounds as important as the air we breathe to keep us alive.

Post 22 August 2013 Published in Blogs Tagged under erp bi midmarket award

We are pleased to announce Pronto Software took out the BRW GE Mid-Market Momentum Award for best mid-market business ($50-$100 million revenue) last night!  

Post 18 June 2013 Published in Blogs Tagged under erp infrastructure business intelligence hosted upgrade

With the pace of change in the technology, it can be tricky talking about the concept of future-proofing your IT investment. However, considering a few key areas can help companies protect and maximise the value of their IT investment, particularly in the climate of tight budgets and scarce resources.

Post 27 February 2013 Published in Blogs Tagged under retail omnichannel pronto

Consumers are changing… so are our retail stores.  In this blog I won’t discuss the new trends like omni-channel, store layout, and more; I will focus instead on the higher objective which should be the starting point of all these retail initiatives.

Most retailers are already sophisticated. Many now have an eCommerce website, capture customer data and spend so they can proactively adjust their store layout to optimise sales. These aspects of retail were differentiators in the past, but not anymore in a mature industry. So, how can you further differentiate and get customers walking in your store instead of the alternatives across the road? The key word is “amaze”.

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