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After 30 years in the ERP industry, one starts to get a good grasp of what goes into a successful ERP implementation and the pitfalls to avoid. I’ve pulled together some tips that CEOs should consider before embarking on an ERP project. If you can avoid these top five common mistakes, you’d know that your project is off to a good start.

Few weeks go by where I do not take a call that goes like this; “Hi, our company is using “xyz Software” and it is not doing what we need it to do for the business. Can you tell me what it would cost to install your software?

Could 2014 be a watershed year for technology in retail? Following is a list of the 10 latest trends that are set to impact retailers in 2014 as they look to enhance their operations through technology. 

The University of Cambridge’s Institute of Manufacturing defined high value manufacturing as ‘the full cycle of activities from research and development, through design, production, logistics and services, to end of life management’. So how does this description fit within the context of the Manufacturing sector here in Australia? Many suggest that although we’re currently witnessing the death of several key players we’re certainly not witnessing the death of local manufacturing itself.

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