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For a lot of businesses, an item that has a negative balance for quantity on hand is normal. It represents a situation where they are playing catch up with their information. For example they send stock out the door as soon as it arrives, before they tell their system that it arrived. Eventually, you would hope that all the information is entered and the balance eventually reflects something realistic.

For medium sized businesses contemplating making the move into the cloud, many questions rear their ugly heads and the answers at first glance may not seem entirely clear. However, a chat with Paul Goepfert from Pronto Software provides an excellent opportunity to answer the most pressing questions.

Big Data seems to be one of the latest buzzword to appear in the ITC dialog. I still wonder if most of us understand its meaning or impact.

It appears that various groups believe they have a handle on it the Big Data phenomenon. The interesting thing is that if you comb the internet you’ll see the term being sponsored by companies such as NetApp, EMC and IBM as vendors that manage big or large amounts of data. I wonder if this means that these companies are positioning themselves to capitalise on this slice of the pie or are they still trying to ascertain what it really means in a commercial sense before it’s more widely adopted by the market.

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